About Us

Family-run with a deep passion for travel, Southern Cross Hospitality was born from a desire to connect luxury clientele in the US to the stunning properties of our founder’s home continent: South America.

A thriving travel marketplace and culturally rich destination with incredible landscapes, South and Central America offer a host of luxury five-star properties boasting amazing opportunities for leisure travelers seeking a Latin America escape.

To request a meeting or make further inquiries, please contact SC Hospitality and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Our Story

Founded by Constanza Navarro, SC Hospitality is a comprehensive hotel representation company specializing in hotel business development, sales and consultation. Building upon her previous experience as a hotel management consultant and sales representative, Constanza and her talented team are dedicated to bringing your luxury property to the US travel marketplace.


Working closely with travel agencies, Virtuoso Travel Network and Signature Travel Network, SC Hospitality brings a personal touch to travel and tourism industry with strong partnerships with tour operators and travel agents within the US. From educational webinars and presentations at hotel trade shows and personal connections, we understand what it takes to thrive in the ever-changing travel and tourism industry.


Our revenue management service includes weekly and monthly reporting of actual revenue, as well as weekly revenue forecasts, variances and budget comparisons for a comprehensive overview and accounting of your hotel business. We also help create and develop pricing strategies as well as best practices and procedures for day-to-day operations.